Murder Mystery Weekends

We have become famous for our Murder Mystery Weekends!


Kelleys Island Venture Resort 8th annual Murder Mystery Weekend


Colonel Mustard's Secret PassageAn entire generation grew up with Parker Bros games and it was Clue that gave us our first glimpse of Mystery. The secret passageways were the best part of the game, allowing young detectives to sneak their way to other rooms in the mansion.Kelleys Island Venture Resort and Shadow Stalkers are bringing that fun back on an island-wide scale this October! Our Mysteries run 24/7 with no timeouts and no safe places. With the entire island in the game, you never know what might happen! So grab your Suspect list and your magnifying glass but be forwarned, this is NOT dinner theater. It's a nonstop think-on-your-feet mystery where the killer is playing too......

For more details and ticket purchase, please call us at 419 746 2900