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2nd Annual Kelleys Island Police Chase
Half Marathon
November 9, 2014

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Kelleys Island is the largest US island in the western basin of Lake Erie, the Walleye Fishing capital of the world. With a landmass of twenty-eight hundred acres and an eighteen-mile shoreline, the island has a lot to offer. There are a variety of seasonal activities and events, places to explore, and a rich cultural and natural history to discover -- something for everyone!

Kelleys Island is three and one half miles north of Marblehead Peninsula. Most arrive by the Kelleys Island Ferry Boat Line located on State Route 163 in Marblehead, Ohio. You can bring your car or bicycle on the ferry or, once you arrive on the island, rent a golf cart or bicycle. However, the island is also accessible by airplane and private boat. Griffing Flying Service provides daily service from Sandusky, Ohio. Island marinas accommodate visiting boaters.


At least two Indian villages existed on Kelleys Island, probably the Erie (or Cat) nation, which was annihilated by the Iroquois in 1665. The petroglyphs of Inscription Rock, on the south side of the island, were probably carved over a period of years by the Eries and may describe certain important events in their history.

A man named Cunningham is believed to have been the first white man to inhabit Kelleys Island, living here from about 1800 until about 1812.

The island became the property of the Connecticut Land Company in about 1817 and was divided into 13 lots, which were given to stockholders in the Company.  In 1833 the Kelley brothers, Datus and Irad, immigrants to the Cleveland area from Connecticut, began to buy parcels of land and soon owned the entire island.  The Kelleys and their families began developing the island and its industries; wine-making, quarrying, logging, fruit-growing, and fishing as well as encouraging the cultural enrichment of the inhabitants. 

Eventually the island, previously known as Cunningham Island, or Island No. 6, became known as Kelleys Island.  With over 375 full time residents, some of which are descendants of the Kelleys, quarrying continues, but the island is now a vacation destination for sport fishing, boating or just relaxing.




Kelleys Island Venture Resort is located at 441 West Lakeshore Drive beside the old Newman Ferry Dock.  This beautiful hotel holds 31 luxury suites.  Each suite is equipped with all of the amenities of a first class resort including a refrigerator, microwave, internet access, private patios or decks, and semi-private bedrooms with separate sitting areas, just to name a few.  The upper level suites also include a loft which accommodates another sleeping area.  The resort has an amazing swimming pool with therapy areas and hot tubs all tucked amidst a beautifully landscaped rock garden and waterfall.  This resort is top of the line, built and suited specifically for Kelleys Island.

Kelleys Island Venture Resort is situated in such a way that every suite provides spectacular views of the swimming pool, hot tub, Lake Erie, Marblehead Peninsula, and Cedar Point. Here one can sit on their own  private patio and enjoy the activities around the swimming pool and the invigorating hot tub. Beyond the pool you can enjoy the action on the lake including beautiful yachts passing by as well as the occasional thunder of a high speed racing boat.

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Kelleys Island Venture Resort and Shadow Stalkers present The Island of the Dead. Join us on October 10-12 for our annual Murder Mystery weekend.

Everyone needs a little mystery! Join the Kelleys Island Detective Agency as they investigate the death of an eccentric but talented web designer and self-proclaimed “curiosity collector.” He’d just sold a huge program to the NSA for pennies…plus a small percentage of what it found.

Unfortunately, he didn’t live long enough to cash in and the NSA has no comment on his program or his death.

Be forewarned!

This is NOT dinner theatre. It’s a nonstop think-on-your-feet mystery designed by those loveable but devious folks from Shadow Stalkers. Did I mention that our killers will be here too? No? Well, we wouldn’t want to frighten you away now, would we?



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